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can we delete last cookies after click on login button in php?

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asked in Programming by CaptSaltyJack (1,140 points)
I want to delete all cookies when a user click on log in button , like on submit want to delete cookie i am using php.

1 Answer

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answered by amit_pammu Expert (5,030 points)

Deleting cookie

It is good to delete a cookie manually from your site. All you do is set the same cookie but with no value and with an expiry date in the past. This forces the browser to delete the cookie from the users system.

 Delete lastVisit cookie from the users system:

setcookie ("lastVisit", "", time()-60000); 

As shown, the value is empty and the expiry date is the current time() minus 60000 seconds, Any negative number will work but due to variations in computer times, it is not recommended to use -1 but instead something higher like a day or two.

commented by mannu (990 points)
nice @amit , Could we use this code in cake php also or in WordPress cose also???

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