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How to make connection of database in java?

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asked in Programming by nitu (1,680 points)
i have to update a table from my application on the click on a button, can you tell me how can i make connection and can execute query from my application to database?

2 Answers

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answered by Bhartesh (2,730 points)
selected by nitu
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you can use JDBC driver like this , follow these steps ->

//STEP 1. Import required packages
import java.sql.*;

public class JDBCExample {
   // JDBC driver name and database URL
   static final String JDBC_DRIVER = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver";  
   static final String DB_URL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/";

   //  Database credentials
   static final String USER = "username";
   static final String PASS = "password";
   public static void main(String[] args) {
   Connection conn = null;
   Statement stmt = null;
      //STEP 2: Register JDBC driver

      //STEP 3: Open a connection
      System.out.println("Connecting to database...");
      conn = DriverManager.getConnection(DB_URL, USER, PASS);

      //STEP 4: Execute a query
      System.out.println("Creating database...");
      stmt = conn.createStatement();
      String sql = "CREATE DATABASE STUDENTS";
      System.out.println("Database created successfully...");
   }catch(SQLException se){
      //Handle errors for JDBC
   }catch(Exception e){
      //Handle errors for Class.forName
      //finally block used to close resources
      }catch(SQLException se2){
      }// nothing we can do
      }catch(SQLException se){
      }//end finally try
   }//end try
}//end main
}//end JDBCExample

I think you got the point.

commented by nitu (1,680 points)
yah i got the point thanks :)
commented by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)
their should Initialization of  Statement stmt = null; Connection conn = null;
+1 vote
answered by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)

you can make connection by jdbc like this 

Statement stmt = null;
Connection conn = null;
conn = DriverManager.getConnection
Statement stmt1 =conn.createStatement();
And after this you can add your query and you can use your result according to your need.

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