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print duplicate entry from a table with their count

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asked in Programming by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)
How to print duplicate entry from a table with their count? my table has junk data and want to see the duplicates values, can you tell me the exact query for the same?

1 Answer

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answered by Eathen (1,930 points)
selected by Himanshu
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For print duplicate entry from a table with their count see this query ->

select * FROM


FROM USER_TABLE)  duplicates
WHERE duplicates.Cnt > 1
NOTE: Here  fname is column name and USER_TABLE is table in which you want to find duplicate entries.
commented by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)
yah thanks dear.
commented by nitu (1,680 points)
Nice work @Eathen it helped me also.
commented by Pankaj
Or you might use this query :

mysql>  select COLUMN_NAME_HERE, count(*) as c from TABLE_NAME_HERE group by COLUMN_NAME_HERE;

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