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How the ABS works on different kind of roads

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asked in Motor Bikes by anonymous
How anti-lock braking system works on cement or very rough road, a single channel is sufficient or both wheels should have ABS.

1 Answer

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answered by anonymous
The Motorcycle Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), It helps to stop motorbike without skating in less distance from the object. It prevents the wheels of a powered two-wheeler from locking during braking situations. Based on information from wheel speed sensors the ABS unit adjusts the pressure of the brake fluid in order to keep traction and avoid fall downs (e.g. maintain deceleration).

If we talk about rough roads or cemented road, it also depends on your tires situation if they are new so friction would work better and your ABS system can stop you without skating while your ABS system may fail to stop you if your tires are very old or not in the good situation.

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