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Pre-ride Items check-list to Carry

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asked in Motor Bikes by anonymous
Going for a long solo ride of ~200km and I am a new kind of rider so please share me what things we should check before starting the trip or a day before.

1 Answer

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answered by solorider
This is a good habit to make a checklist of items before a long ride, As per my experience, I am sharing my checklist. please feel free to add your thoughts.

Item checklist before a long ride:
1.) Necessary docs (original+photocopy)
2.) Tank full of fuel
3.) Full-face helmets (for rider as well as pillion)
4.) Helmet visors without scratches
5.) Eyewear (preferred clear glass to wear in dark )
6.) Riding Gear preferable Riding Jackets + knee/elbow guards + gloves
7.) Boots
8.) Rain-gear
9.) Waterproof cover for Gadgets
10.) Glucose/ORS
11.) Water bottles
12.) Protein-bars/Energy Bars
13.) Medicines for common ailments- cold, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, body aches
14.) Rain protection for luggage
15.) Utility Knife
16.) Torch & Batteries
17.) Bungee – cords (recommended 2 in number)
18.) Puncture Kit
19.) Chain Cleaner & Chain Lubricant
20.) Engine Oil (if bike wasn’t serviced recently)
21.) Trash bags (L/XL size can double up as water-proofing covers)
22.) Sun protection/Mosquito repellents

If you have any query please let me know.

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