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Pros & Cons of clip handle

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asked in Motor Bikes by anonymous
I am a owner of Gixxer SF FI and planning to change my handle so can you please let me know the Pros & Cons of clip handle ?

1 Answer

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answered by Bhartesh (2,730 points)

1. Your seating position would be changed and you would get little more weight on the handle, this will improve your handling skills. Now you can use your body weight more for a perfect handling.

2. When you install a clip on handle bar so you get a new lean positioning towards the tank that can lead to help your bike while taking pick up. not a major help but a little because of aerodynamics

3. Last but not least, it looks cool while riding.


1. The major problem you can not even think about a long ride or road trip, this handle and its position would kill you if you ride such long like 50 to 100 Km.

2.  Some of the bikes are not built for this handle and if you forcefully add this setup you may get fall while turning your bike because for some bikes there is no perfect space to turn the handle all aside. it hits the tank and does not give great result while turning.

For suzuki gixxer sf : Number 2. cons goes for you, if you get a clip on handle on your bike you will have to face this issue and you won't be able to lock your handle.

So  I would suggest not to do this mod or install this handle in with the help of an expert just get it done by a great experienced gixxer guy.

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