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Weekend Getaway from Delhi | Places to visit near Delhi | Hill Station near Delhi

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asked by monika (2,040 points)
What can be the best destinations near delhi under 500Km round trip? we have a weekend to travel, we can take our bike also. please suggest a best road trip near delhi.

1 Answer

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answered by Bhartesh (2,730 points)
Best Weekend getaway from Delhi, Places to visit near Delhi, Want to go out for a long weekend??? so these are the best places to visit near Delhi for 2 night, 3 days.

Best for:
Hiking, Camping, Nature view and lake view

1.) Himachal Pradesh under 500 Kms:

Day 1. Prashar Lake Himachal Pradesh
- Enjoy the nature and best campsite on high altitude

Day 2. Bir Billing
- Amazing paragliding experience

2.) Uttarakhand Under 300Kms:

Day 1. Bhimtal
- Enjoy an amazing evening with Bhimtal lake

Day 2. Nainital
- Queen of Lakes, Nani Lake, Don't to enjoy boating
- Variety of local food and many clothes, handmade items to buy

For detailed video: (Weekend Getaway from Delhi | Places to visit near Delhi | Weekend trip around Delhi | Hill station near Delhi)

These are amazing places to visit near Delhi under 500kms, best for nature lovers and want to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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