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Give me 3 reasons ,Why should I hire you?

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asked in HR Interview Question by vinod singh

This is a very common question asked by every HR, So what can be the best answer for this tricky question?

3 Answers

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answered by Veena

You can hire me because I think I am perfect fit for this position, I have those expertise which you actually required and I believe my in self and I am self determined as well as hard worker.


Note: You can go threw the JD and co relate the requirement with your expertise and you can show that you can prove your self along those expertise.

I hope it would help you All the very best!

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answered by Sachin

This also can be a good reason :


It is upto you to choose the best from one of the bests. Even, I have the skillsets and mindset to deliver the things in optimum timeframe. Rest is up to you to choose the winners or the losers, that is it.

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answered by anonymous
Because I'm the best person for the job. Here's why: I have all of the required qualifications that you are asking for in this job. The education, the experience, the industry experience. But I also bring a passion to the job that makes me the best person for the job. Why? Because that passion translates into results. I really love what I do. Let me give you an example...

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