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question-closed How to find xpath using chrome

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asked in Software Testing by anonymous
closed by Bhartesh

Iam trying to write xpath using chrome browser,can i have any firepath for that,please provide with exampe.
commented by Bhartesh (2,690 points)
The simplest way to find Xpath of any element in html is you can install view Xpath firefox plugin but in this you need to remove unnecessary marks.

Other way is you can install firefox Selenium IDE plug in, in which you can record and see the xpath.

These are two simplest way to get xpath. For more details see the above duplicate question.
commented by anonymous
I want to find,write xpath by using chrome browser
commented by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)
Just install CSS and XPath checker Chrome plugin it's free or the sec option is like: Do inspect element on the element by right click on it and when html code part comes to the screen then again right click on that node for which you have to create xpath, you will find a option Copy Xpath .

This Xpath 99% time works. For creating xpath div by div see this read all answer over here evry one has given good explanation : http://edu.yoursfriends.com/281/how-to-create-a-xpath-for-selenium-web-driver

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