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Can test automation replace manual testing?

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asked in My Career by Ajay Tomer
recategorized by Bhartesh
I just want to know that what is your thought on this topic, let's discuss please add your thoughts...

3 Answers

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answered by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)
Test automation and manual testing can not replace each other , any new scenario which is tested manually and after a certain period of time when the feature is stable so we automate that scenario so that we can reduce repetition of work.

And after a while when the product requirements are stable then we add more test cases to automation suite, Product again comes up with new enhancements and features which have to test manually .

So we can not say that test automation can replace manual testing totally , even after a certain period of time automated test cases also need the maintenance by a manual tester .

Please add your thoughts also...
commented by nitin (810 points)
I agree with Himanshu.
commented by Chuck
Automated and manual testing complement each other. The former has greater risk of the 'pesticide' problem than the latter. Anyone who believes otherwise will experience product quality issues and increased negative feedback. Automated testing can expose a lot of defects, but manual testing in my experience also exposes a lot of defects--bugs which automation failed to reveal. E.g. automation, robust or not,  isn't capable of reviewing a user story and reporting back to development that key requirements were not met. Additionally--I've seen more than one automation effort fail and be scrapped after many, many hours invested. You're left with a manual test effort or you're making your customers the test team at that point.
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answered by Dharmendra Singh
I'm working in QA Automation for a while and Worked with tools like HP-UFT, Coded UI, Test Complete and Selenium.
From my experience and point of view, manual testing cannot be ignored but it can be reduced.

While working on different frameworks and automation tools, we come across many situations where we need help from a manual tester.

For example:
Consider a scenario of banking application. Test cases in this scenario could be
TC1 :  Login to application
TC2 :  Total Amount after Interest Rate
TC3 :  Checking the balance
TC4 :  Medical Insurance Policy Premium
TC5 :  Logout from application

What can be reduced from manual testing are    :  TC1,TC3 and TC5 (Easy to automate)
What can't be ignored from manual testing are  :  TC2 and TC4

In TC2, interest rate is depends on REPO rates and business rules set by bank. It needs the manual tester to check the Total Amount after  interest rate.

Same in case of TC4, which is a Medical Insurance Policy Premium,  which is again based on the business rules and money used by customer.

I hope this will, clear the confusion of need of manual and automation testing.

commented by anonymous
You cannot replace manual testing with automation because there is no such thing. Testing is a performance of activities, an intellectual process which cannot be encoded. You can write code to to help your testing for simple factual outputs from algorithms. These are automation checks not test.
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answered by Akshat
Well, well, well... That's some question here.. As per my understanding, "replace" is a very broad and optimist term, the happening of which, I believe, is dubious. Test automation is, of course, "minimizing" human intervention to a great extent these days; but still can't beat the versatility of a human mind, and other factors like : random error detection, unscripted testing, testing with an unstable environment, when results received are random and spurious... So on and so forth...

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