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Which is better PHP or JAVA for career growth

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asked in My Career by jatin Expert (3,823 points)
Hi All, I am working as an PHP developer since 2 years and I have worked in JAVA also for some backend API stuff.

 Now I want to take a step for my future that I should switch in JAVA or still PHP has a good future .

Please suggest .

6 Answers

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answered by Francis

I am 49 years old and have worked in many languages and frameworks. when we talk about JAVA vs PHP both has a bright career. As we know JAVA is very useful and lots of big companies are using JAVA but it doesn't mean that PHP has no scope PHP has a very good place on web applications, there are lots of companies which are developing the web application in core PHP or using other frameworks of PHP.

You have just started your career, I would like to suggest that focus on learning, skills and delivering best code. whatever the opportunity, no matter it is in PHP or JAVA or PYTHON etc. Just learn everything and try to be an Allrounder and the best coder. After some time when you would play with lots of languages and frameworks you would know the difference and you know what you have to do and you would follow your interest. 

God Bless you dear. All the very best for your future.

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answered by Micko

As years pass by, you will want to go more into Java. Why? You will be older, probably with family, you will have different priorities and will want to have a better work/private life balance. All of that normally comes while working in bigger companies, with better organized and structured teams/work, with bigger budgets and projects. And in such companies, Java is the way to go.

While you're still younger, and with some more spare time on your hands, being able to work anytime you like - day or night, PHP is a great and interesting thing to pursuit. And there are also very big and interesting projects with it, just not as big and not as much as with Java.

Whatever you do - keep learning all the time and follow good programming practice. It will help you in any language tomorrow.

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answered by Piotr Makowski
IMHO you will be able to find good job in both, and I believe that other factors will have greater influence for you career. But to satisfy your question, I suspect, that Java, with all it's purposes, tools and community simply can't be comparing with PHP, which one is using mainly for web and hosting solutions. Java you can spot in your car or phone, TV or refrigerator, and PHP only (big only) on your server. Even for web-based applications, Java can do better, but only if you exceed some scale.
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answered by Michael Pearson
Technology today compels developers to be equipped with diverse tools. Knowing just PHP is not enough.
Rather understand the context of the challenge and you see that enterprise(cost, time and resources) wise when it comes to developing solutons, there are case where Java is better while in others PHP is better.
Personally, I think every young PHP developer should learn some Java for two major reasons
1. Understand OOP indepth 2. Master design pattern
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answered by anonymous
It all depends on your needs in terms of a comparison of the languages. The one that is best for your career growth is the language that allows you to do the type of work you find compelling, challenging, and satisfying.

Find the language you like to use the most and use it. Your expertise with that language, no matter what it is, will provide you with as much career growth as you can achieve with the amount of effort you are willing to put forward.
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answered by SONAM
Yeah, it's really a good question. Everyone knows JAVA is the better choice, because Java has vast application in all fields rather than PHP. So, I suggest you to go for JAVA.

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