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Google self-driving bicycle, a good concept?

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asked in Programming by Kaperly (1,610 points)

Hi all, Google recently introduced the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands.

Do you think it's a good concept yeah it would save a lot of time somehow the actual bicycle can vanish and we can lose a way to getting fit?

                                                           See self-driving bicycle Video 

What do you say? Please share your thought for the same.

1 Answer

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answered by jazs (1,220 points)

As we all know that google always comes up with many good and helpful innovations and this bicycle is one of them.


Main features :  Automatic Drop and pickup 


And I am not that much clear about it but there would be an option that you can use your pedals to drive your cycle so that your fitness aim can be fulfilled.


Kaperly  if we talk about the bicycle it can not vanish because people would always use the cycle to getting fit and the second thing is that this innovation would be very costly as per its features so a normal man can not afford it so may be a normal man would like to use the normal bicycle instead of this automatic bicycle.

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