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Get selected option from a drop-down in selenium webdriver

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asked in Software Testing by anonymous

Hi Please share the method for getting selected value from a drop-down.

My HTML is :


<select style="width: 85px;" name="right_yesorno" id="right_yesorno80175">
                                 <option value="Yes">Yes</option>
                                 <option value="No" selected="selected">No</option>

I am using Python for the same , if possible please share in JAVA also .

1 Answer

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answered by anonymous


Using getattibute we can get the selected option value and we can assert that option using assertions

type_select = Select(self.driver.find_element_by_id("right_yesorno80175"))
   for option in type_select.options:
        if option.get_attribute("selected"):
            print option.text

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