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Why automation testing is so important ?

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asked in Software Testing by anonymous
Nowadays everyone is looking for guys who can automate every test case. automation testing is replacing manual guys in the market who don't know automation so I want to know what makes automation so important than manual? please share your thoughts.

4 Answers

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answered by Robin QA Expert

Because the main reason is automation can reduce the manual effort and manual effort is directly proportional to money and time.

Basically, if you can automate your test cases so in the time of regression testing you can run your automation suite for old and stable functionality and even you can run those test cases on a daily basis and get more accuracy and quality results.

I would say, you should read Why automated testing for better understanding.

commented by Predrag Arandjelovic
Automation Testing can perform the huge amount of tests in a very short time. For the same amount of tests, manual tester would need days to complete.
- Automation Testing is great for regression testing, unit testing...
- Depending on the tool used, automation testing could be performed by a person without any knowledge of the functionality background of the testing object (e.g. programming knowledge in software testing).

But, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.
The best thing would be to have a combined team and to use both automatic and manual testing for the same testing object.
commented by Gokula Srivathsan
(i) Tester's time is very valuable and he/she cannot waste in mundane activities.
(ii) There are certain tests only Automation can do (e.g., data-driven one) and there are certain tests only Human being can do (e.g., user behavior related tests).
(iii) Your CEO (who pays for you) thinks Automation is good.
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answered by mannu (990 points)
Automation Testing is important, because 1. Script Execution is very fast & efficient 2. Since the execution is happening on the remote machine, Automation Tester can continue to work in local machine 3. ROI using Automation Testing is good as less number manual resources are required, 4.You can trigger a batch execution at the end of your day, next day when you are into office, you will have results ready, analyze the results and take suitable actions. 5. Same scripts can be used for execution and certify the builds in various environments. 6. Automation Testing helps in big time during Regression and End to End Cycle. I have listed few points which illustrate the importance of Automation Testing.
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answered by Horizon
Along with running test suit, Automation can help checking CPU, RAM performance. While doing manual, focus is only on tests but when trying Automation, we have leverage to check other usage of hardware in process.
Rest is history.
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answered by Shishir Kanthi
It is all about quality delivery at lower cost. But to start with, let me correct one important thing - "manual testing can never be replaced" till the time artificial intelligence is built into automation.
The sole purpose of automation is to take out the overhead of repeatedly executing the same old test cases every time thr is a regression by a manual tester. Because its a no brainer once the test case has been designed and documented.
So, if there is only manual execution veing done by manual tester, that indicates he is being under utilized since he is doing wasting multiple hours or days simply to read and execute documented tests. But if same tests are automated then he can work on ad-hoc tests uncovering defects for workflows not documented as tests or design more test cases which needs human intelligence n experience.
And ofcourse the return on investment no doubt is better given no human efforts being spent on execution n unattended parallel execution on multiple machine

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