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Why daily scrum meeting is important even not following agile.

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asked in Software Testing by anonymous
If we are not following the agile methodology and we don't have any sprint cycles so should we do scrum meeting ? I mean is it beneficial for the team and the organization?

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answered by tester (1,550 points)

Daily standup meeting is a part of every successful team.
Because with the help of this meeting, the team lead/manager get a quick update about the team and the stuck points.

What we do in this meeting : 

The basic agenda of this meeting is what we have done yesterday and what we are going to do today. everyone picks a task from the task plate and the scrum master or the host(lead/manager) approves it and help the team to complete the task. by this meeting, every department can update to the management about the team and task.
This meeting helps to understand about the bandwidth of the team so that we can plan for the delivery of a new project.

Basic rules of this meeting : 

  • This meeting should be in the early morning.
  • It's a quick meeting so every participant should be on time.
  • We can schedule the meeting for around 15 minutes. 
  • Everyone has to be stand up while the meeting no one should be in the relaxing mood.
  • Scrum master should be on time and be ready with the next task list.

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