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I am trying to book a vaccine slot from selfregistration.cowin.gov.in but every time whenever I try to book, it gets packed within 0.5 min. Can anyone suggest how to book a slot quickly? any suggestions??? I'm trying from Himachal, India.

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The same problem happened to me. whenever I was trying to book but slots were full before booking. Finally, I have found a way to book slots within seconds. 

Below are the steps to book vaccine quickly:

  1. Set slot notification on Paytm and all. 
  2. Install a chrome extension called Covin Booking here is the link:
  3. Once you get notification of slot availability just open the selfregistration.cowin.gov.in  site and the plugin will autofill the data. You just need to hit submit and your slots will be booked.
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To watch all this process check out the video link below:

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Thanks for sharing this information!

I have used this plugin it works. Also, the video is very detailed and informative.

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