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Selenium web driver with Internet Explorer

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asked in Software Testing by raman (530 points)
I am using firefox driver now i want to test some scnario in IE so how can i use Selenium web driver with Internet Explorer?

1 Answer

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answered by seleniumGuru Expert (4,570 points)
selected by raman
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String ieBinary = System.getProperty("webdriver.ie.driver");  
if (ieBinary == null || ieBinary.equals("")) {  
 ieBinary = "PATH OF Driver/IEDriverServer.exe";  
 System.setProperty("webdriver.ie.driver", ieBinary);  
DesiredCapabilities ieCapabilities = DesiredCapabilities.internetExplorer();  
this.driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(ieCapabilities);
Use this.
commented by raman (530 points)
Thanks for help!

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