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How to decrypt word press password from database?

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asked in Programming by Eathen (1,930 points)
I want to know how can I decrypt my password , if i know encrypted password from database .

7 Answers

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answered by amit_pammu Expert (5,030 points)
you can't because its a one way encryption
.for more info

commented by jatin Expert (3,823 points)
Amit can we use md5 function for it?
0 votes
answered by Angelique Dawnbringer
As far as I know rainbow tables created for that particular instance will be the only way. The passwords are one way encrypted. As for changing passwords, just set a md5sum of any wanted string. Wordpress will automatically use its password class to regenerate the password to its own format.
0 votes
answered by Derek Caswell
WordPress uses one way MD5 encryption so you can't decode them but you can reset the password by applying an MD5 encryption to the new password and inserting that into the table.
0 votes
answered by Floor Terra
By default Wordpress uses multiple rounds of md5 with salt, so rainbow tables are not going to be helpful. Unless the password is weak it won't be feasible to recover the password. The system is designed to prevent recovery. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_hash_password
0 votes
answered by Paulo Amaral
If you lost your admin password, you can try to set it as MD5("newpassword"), log in and then change the password again using the admin interface, so it applies the salt within the hash.
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answered by Nate Denlinger
Passwords should never be encrypted, they should be hashed. Encryption means that you can decrypt (two way), hashing is one way and can not be unhashed. MD5 is not an encryption method, it is a hashing method.
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answered by Kevin Creel
Passwords should only be stored using cryptic hashing, not via data hashing like md5

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