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While testing phase the application was tested by testers and some bugs has been locked.
In this case how to update a bug  that has been closed by tester and after release same bug comes in the production and raised by a user.
Thanks for help!

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We should cross check same bug in QA Environment  If it still looks fixed, I would then question whether or not the right build/version was pushed to production. 
If it happens in QA Environment again , I would raise a new bug as a hot fix and would test the build again to see which another fix broke the functionality again.
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It depends ... there are process model in which you commit the code against a particular bug id , it gets reviewed, approved and then merged. In this case we have to have a new bug id for the code commit. Else we can also create a sub task for the same bug if our tracking tool permits. 

In case when there is no need of unique id's for code commit , its always better to reopen a bug. 

This decision of reopening / creating a new bug is also driven by business needs. Some times you may not want client to to see new bugs AND some times client may ask question on reopened issues. 

So depending on the scenario of the project we have to take decisions .

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