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Hello guys i am trying to run selenium test cases in server by servlet but after deploying war  file in apache server when i am running it so this error is coming :


$:: No display available

Server is linux server 

If any one of you faced the same problem and solved it So please help me out!

Thanks is advance.

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Have you set display variable in server and installed firefox or whatever browser you are using with selenium?
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Hello thanks for comment yes I already set display variable and installed browser,Even when I am exporting display to my local machine its working fine browser is opening and test cases are rulling well, how ever when I am trying to run the testcases in server facing the problem described above.

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Hello guys i was facing the same problem when I deployed my selenium war in linux server and after RnD find a solution for the same.


You have to simple follow these steps :


1.  Install VNC its a chrome extension or any remote desktop software.

2.  In which server you have deployed your application like i was using TomCat server ,So run the TomCat server after taking remote of your virtual server .

3.  Now run the servlet from any client machine , Its done, Now you can close the virtual server window test cases will be running in server.


Here when we take remote of server so we are providing a complete desktop to the server and when we now run the test cases server executes them same as in desktop even we have closed remote window.


I hope you got my point.

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Thanks Himanshu for such a nice explanation, It solved my problem also.
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+1 for nice explanation.

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