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Installed cake php in my server in this root C:\localhost\cake I have the items_controller.php file. I am thinking for some reason the application does not know where the controller file is present. The complete error is :

Missing Controller Error: ItemsController could not be found. Error: Create the class ItemsController below in file: app\Controller\ItemsController.php

  class ItemsController extends AppController {


I have .htacess and index.php files in respective folder Can someone please help.

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Controller class names are plural, CamelCased, and end in Controller. So your controller name should be ItemsController.php not items_controller.php. See here for more info on Controllers.

class ItemsController extends AppController { 
    //class code here

you should create controler inside the app\Controller\ 

For more details about Controller here

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which version you are using?

because it's a wrong syntax in cake 2.0
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thanks for your interest , i am using this Version 2.3.9 can you tell me correct syntax?
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which server are u using to local host WAMP or XAMP
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try this..if u using xampp


 #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so -> remove # from this.
 Restart Apache
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what server are you using , xampp or wamp?
i am using xampp
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Hope you have followed the above steps , can you paste your controller code here , so i can understand better.
As per cake2.0+ your file name must be camelCased and plural as well.And file must be inside the controllers directory.

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