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I want to know the real process in practical ,how companies or test leads or may be managers take care of testing and what are the main type of testing which is performed in the industries.

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Software testing is a part of software development life cycle in which we verify the requirement given by the user. When we start testing of a software, first of all, we take a look and do an analysis of user stories or use cases, then on the basis of these use cases, we start writing test cases for the same.

After completion of test cases, we send those test cases and suggestions to the product manager for verification of those test cases. When product manager approves test cases we have to make a test plan which includes all strategies like how many of resource would be used and which kind of testing would be done actually we have different - a different  type of testing.

Some of them are following:

Black box testing –

White box testing –

Unit testing –  Done by the developer.

Functional testing –

System testing –

Integration testing –

End-to-end testing –

Sanity testing -

Regression testing –

Acceptance testing -

Load testing –

Stress testing –

Performance testing –

Usability testing –

Apart from this, we have automation testing which is generally used for regression, so that after deploying the new functionality old functionality should not break.

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