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Have you done any Back End Testing and/or if you did, how did you do it in your last project?

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asked in Manual Testing Interview Question by tester (1,550 points)

What is back end testing and what is the corect way to elaborate it for this question?

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answered by Amit Jain

As per my experience, "Back-End Testing" and "DB Testing" is one and the same term. In this we use to test the DB with respect to the data which we entered though UI / getting fetched on the UI. Major entity around which the whole testing activity revolves is "Data". Some of the major (However not limited to) activities can be - 

- Checking that the data is inserted into correct tables , fields/columns 
- Data displayed on UI reports can be verified by applying join queries. 
- There are certain requirements which rather functional from UI end also include sending data onto some specific fields example - there might be a requirement where in user asks to opt-in an agreement and on the backend in a DB table we are maintaining such record that which user opted for the agreement 

However, in reality during an interview it actually depends on the interviewer what is his/her mindset , perspective. So it all depends :) 

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answered by Pavel Vlaskin

Back-end it`s a part of the system which is invisible for user but provide content for front-end. Usually it`s an some API, which have input, output, sometimes db. So, from point of view of functional testing it is classical black-box, or gray-box if you have access not only to output, but to DB and/or logs too, or white-box if you have access to code. Difference of back-end testing in non-functional testing: load, endurance, recovery, penetration, installation, configuration, integration.

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