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Hi All, I want to know the advantages and disadvantages of sikuli api over sfapi. Let's discuss... or if you want to add another tool which can automate flex in comparison ,your most welcome .

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Hi, as we know that sikuli is based on image processing , so if we talk about sikuli for flex automation see below advantages and disadvantages. :-

Advantages : 

1. The main advantage is you don't have to edit or change the flex code, you just have to cut a image of that area in which you have to perform click or any action.

2. Its easy to Implement , you just have to download sikuli api and have to integrate with your code now you can give image path to be clicked or perform any actions. 

Disadvantages : 

1. You can not run the test cases in background like in server always there should be a display so that image processing can be done like in a physical machine or you have to give a virtual display to your remote server.

2. High maintenance required, because if your flex grid or data has been changed even a single design line have changed  you need to capture and cut image again,  Its not a simple task to maintain all images.


Now if we talk about SFAPI (selenium flex api) to automate flex grid see below advantages and disadvantages :-

Advantages : 

1. Accuracy in test case execution if provided correct required information, like if you have given a id of a button to be clicked so in this cases if button is shifted after a line still it will be able to click on it.

2. You can run test cases in background like in server , I mean to say that you can run the test cases in mid night and UI does not required for running test cases.

Disadvantages : 

1.  The main disadvantage is you need to edit flex code or you have to ask developers to include swc file of sfapi in flex code, so you can not run it on any of flex grid first you need to include and compile swc file with your flex project

2. Some time if flex grid element does not have any unique identifier  like id you can not perform actions over that flex grid or it may happen 3rd party or developer don't allow to compile sfapi with their code.


Both has advantages and disadvantages so you can use as per your need , sikuli is simple and fastest solution but not that much reliable as sfapi and sfapi is time taking implementation and also required flex code access so that you can include swc fie in flex project. 

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