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Hi All,

I want discuss about the format of a resume, How to create a resume for a fresher , What can be the key points and what is the latest format for the same. some peoples says resume should be completed within 2 pages or some says you can add three or more then it. I just want to know does it matters???

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Resume is the document by which you can sell yourself. Nowadays resume has many formats , let’s discuss about the latest format of resume.

If you are a fresher then you have to recover the experience section of resume which is very IMP part . We will discuss fresher and a experienced resume :

Fresher's Resume :

Coming to the point , In resume you have to write those things which you want to answer to interviewer because in  most of cases around 80%  things which are asked from the resume only. now the question comes, from where have to start.

Resume can we divided in these sections.

  1. Contact info : You can write your name, cell no. , email id and current address.

  2. Objective : You should write a perfect objective for that job or company or your future.

  3. Education .

  4. Experience (If you have) : You can write you internship exp. or any kind of project you have done with any technology. it would be great if your project is related to the position.
    Give a attractive summary of your project so that he can take interest.

    Note : Make sure you have good enough knowledge about that technology or project.

  5. Technical Skills : This is a very supporting part where you write some keywords by which you are saying to the interviewer that ask me this. I mean always interviewer finds these small keywords to ask quick question so you should write those things in which you are perfect. like Eg:

        -Operating System: WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7, Unix, MS-DOS.

        -Software Language: C and Data structure, Java, Oracle,SQL,PHP    ----- Here he can ask about php,sql etc.

        -Computer Application: MS OFFICE.

     6.    Honors & Activities :  This is a part to show your extraordinary skills  so write those
    things which you have done apart from tech like managing a program or some awards in
    debate or GD etc.

    7.    Hobbies :  Some time it works if you are writing some cool hobbies like playing guitar,
    may be interviewer also likes to play guitar or listening to music. but write truth don't
    write fake hobbies because if you wouldn’t give answer related to your hobbies it creates
    negative impacts.

At last you can write your personal details :  DOB(Date of birth), Known languages ,Permanent address.


Resume with experience  :

Heading will be almost same , just we need to change the order .

1. Contact info

2. Roles and responsibilities in key points . 

3. Projects with attractive summary and key roles 2 or 3. 

4. Education

5. Technical Skills

6. Hobbies (Not necessary)

At last you can write your personal details :  DOB(Date of birth), Known languages ,Permanent address.

Main Note : Always try to make resume simple and easy to understand .

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