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How to answer these top 10 questions in HR Interview.

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asked in HR Interview Question by anonymous

These 10 questions are asked almost every HR interview, lets discuss what can be the best answers for these HR interview questions :

Qus 1.  Please tell me about your self? 

    -->should I tell about my family and my hobbies also or directly should start with technical expertise ???

Qus 2. What are your key strengths?

Qus 3. Have you ever had a problem with your peer? please discuss .

Qus 4. Where do you see yourself three or five years from now?

Qus 5. What are your career option right now ?

Qus 6. What are your goals ?

Qus 7. If you get a chance to change one thing about your last job or current job , what would it be? 

Qus 8. Do you think , you are over qualified for this position? 

Qus 9. Give me 3 reasons ,Why should I hire you?

Qus 10. What is your expected salary ?

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