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Cookies and its types

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asked in Manual Testing Interview Question by nitin (810 points)
What are cookies and also explain its types?  How do you answer this question ?


Asked me in an interview.

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answered by Himanshu Expert (5,940 points)

Cookies are the files which are stores in users computer, cookies are designed to store a modest amount of data and the data can be accessed by client or web server.

There are following type of cookies.

1.  Session Cookies : Session cookies are basically temporary data files which are based on user's session , When user close the browser these cookies gets deleted and if the same user comes again that website so he again a new user and a new session cookie will be assigned to him.


2.  Persistent Cookies :  Now if we talk about persistent cookie these are the data files which can be deleted at a specific time duration.may b 3 days or one week or month etc.


3. Secure Cookies :  These cookies can be transmitted over a encrypted connection  like HTTPS so that it can secure from others.


4. Zombie Cookies :  This is a cookie that can be auto generated even if you have deleted them , this cookies are handled from client side script like JavaScript.


I think these 4 points are enough to explain in an interview.


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