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I am automating android app using Selendroid and when I am using scroll so window is scrolling somehow content of list view is not getting update instead of blank window is coming.

Here is my function :

TouchActions flick = new TouchActions(driver).scroll(driver.findElement(By.id("YOURS ID HERE")), 1, 1000);

Please help .



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Hi Nitu ,

I was facing same issue that scroll was working fine but content was not updating and blank screen was coming.

This issue was resolved by using this , you just have to use flick like this .

TouchActions flick = new TouchActions(driver).flick(driver.findElement(By.id("YOURS ID HERE")), 0, -730, 100);

I hope it will help you also .

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Thanks Himanshu! Its working now... Thank you so much ...

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