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I am a fresher automation tester, having 6 month of experience. It was very good experience working with QTP automation. I have also worked on test automation framework in QTP 12.5.

Now I am getting an option to either switch to manual or continue with automation. So, need some clarification:

1. Manual testing / automation testing

2. If automation, then which other tool should be my priority in future
I think , being a fresher, you should be more focused towards what you are currently learning and getting experience .
If you are comfortable with Automation then Manual will be not a big deal .
And as per current era, day by day new things and technologies are emerging which is ever changing, hence be focused on what you are learning , gain some hands on experience , If it seems ok with you, else look ahead to what is comfortable to move ahead.
Its a starting phase only, keep yourself open to learn and grasp as much as you can.
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Thanks for the  reply, it gone help me very much.

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Hi dharam , See for a good future in QA you should be good at manual and automation both so if you already working in automation and now switching to manual so dont stop practicing . In manual you would be more richer in domain knowledge and in this time market needs that kind of guys which are expert in manual as well as in automation also. For automation , learn selenium which is open source and mostly used by many companies QTP is also a good option so learn both tool , these are very relevant and you can lean both easily.

All the best !
Please continue with automation but be more versatile in nature for more tools, domain learning which keeps you ready for the future career

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