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I am planning to move from Delhi/NCR to back to my home town Uttarakhand.  Can you please tell me how to travel during lockdown?

Also, can we shift during the lockdown, need to transfer household stuff too. Do we need to carry a different pass for it?

Do we need a pass to visit nearby places in the city?

Lockdown 4.0 e-pass


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As per the central government new rule, you can travel anywhere within the state if the state allows, mostly are allowing for the orange and green zone. 

But travelling between two states require a pass. Though the central government has given rights to the state government if they want they can allow entry without the pass.

As per the coronavirus cases increment, we can't say any GOVT will allow entry without a pass.

Travel Pass Process:

  • You can get pass online
  • You can visit the nearest police station and request a pass offline

To apply online, you just have to visit the govt site and fill the form with your personal details and wait for the approval.

If you are in Haryana and, want to travel to Uttarakhand; you can request a pass from Haryana as well as Uttarakhand Govt. site.

Here is the direct link to apply moment pass from Haryana: Haryana moment pass for lockdown 4

If you want to apply from Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand moment pass for lockdown 4

It may take hours or days to get approval. 

Things to know before applying for the state movement pass:

  • You should know the vehicle number and RC details
  • Mostly pass are approved for a medical emergency reason, choose your moment reason wisely. Some states Govt. are asking for medical emergency proof. So, be ready with a medical document
  • When you fill a number of people/family in the form don't forget to include the driver
  • You can apply once with a one mobile number
  • Select own vehicle under the mode of travel section and fill taxi number and details
  • On the day of your journey, take a hard copy of your pass and paste it on the front of your taxi, it will help on several check posts 
  • Nowadays taxi rates are high don't forget to ask for a discount 


Yes, you can shift your household to your hometown. there are no restrictions on that.

Uttrakhand GOVT. is not asking for any moment reason or proof, you just have to fill the form and wait for your approval.


Reach home safe. Stay healthy. Happy journey.


There is another way to get Lockdown 4.0 e-pass

Apply for interstate travel e pass

  1. Go to https://serviceonline.gov.in/epass/ to apply 
  2. Then click ‘select state’
  3.  Select the state
    1. You will be redirected to the website of that state
  4. Enter the details and Captcha to generate OTP
  5. Upload all required documents 

The application for e pass will be issued after validating all documents and details by the concerned department.

Lockdown 4.0 e-pass

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