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What are the best inverter batteries for the home in a budget of 9,000 to 15,000 rupees in India?

Can you please tell me a basic guide and recommend a list of top inverter battery brands?

It would be helpful if the inverter battery has fast charging and a long battery life.

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Inverter batteries are very important for home nowadays. Most of us are doing work from home and, the power cut is a common scenario in India.

How to choose the best inverter battery for your home? 
Things to know before buying an inverter battery:

  1. Know your power usages during the power cut. Make a list of important electric plugs, tube lights/bulbs, fan, ACs, etc.. Now combine all power requirements.
    For example, you have:

    2 Fan – 140 Watts

    2 tube light – 120 watts

    3 CFL – 75 watts

    2 Television – 240 watts
    Total power needed = 1070 watts

  2. Know what battery capacity will work for you. You can get 100 AH to 4000 Ah or so easily, you just need to know your usages. there is a simple formula which can help here.

    Battery Capacity = Power requirement(watts) x Back up hours / Battery Voltage

                                                     1070 x 12/14.8 = 868
    Here, I am considering 12 hours backup needed and, battery voltage 14.8.
    Now as per our power requirement approx 900 AH battery will work for us.

  3. It would be a plus point if it has fast charging & Eco-friendly batteries


Here is a list of best and cheap inverter batteries under 10,000 in India.

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