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How to Control a Soccer Ball
The best way to control a football is with the side of your foot. Throughout a video game you can control the sphere with any kind of component of your body, except with your arm from the shoulders down.

The most affective way to manage the sphere is making use of the side of your foot.
When a round is kicked towards you, your body shape need to be right, therefore if you have time transform your body slightly far from the sphere on the side that the sphere is closest.image Do not turn your back however maintain dealing with the sphere.
With you body at a mild angle, raise your foot from the ground, (when managing a sphere which is rolling on the ground - lift you foot regarding 2 or 3 inches, adjust the height of your foot up to knee elevation, relying on there the ball in about the ground). Prepare for when the sphere will certainly reach you, then as the ball reaches your foot, attract it back slightly to support the ball; doing this will make sure that the round does not bounce far from you.
When your foot makes contact with the round, ensure your foot is solid sufficient so that the round is knocked somewhat before your body making certain that you have a vast sufficient space to take an action and then touch the round a 2nd time. If the round is as well near you or also far away you will certainly locate it challenging to play your pass. If on the other hand, you mean to play a long pass, you may allow the sphere run a little before you, to give on your own extra space to make a long swing of your leg.
Of course, you can regulate the round with numerous various other parts of your body, from your head to your upper body, as well as your upper leg. You can likewise regulate the sphere efficiently with both your instep and also the outside of your foot.

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