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How to remove a specific string from array in PHP?

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asked in Programming by nishant (380 points)
retagged by Bhartesh

I have an array in which links and titles  are stored like this :

$array = array();

foreach($books as $img) 

$array[$title] = $src;


Now in title some unwanted characters are coming i want to remove  replace those characters from array.Thanks for help!

1 Answer

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answered by nitin (810 points)

There is a simple function for the same see:

lets say you want to remove asdf from a string $title  which is

$title = “Appleasdf ” ;

str_replace('asdf','', $title)

Here we have replaced asdf from blank so now your string is

$title = “Apple”;

I hope you would use this according to your need.

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