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here is  a string i.e $test = ‘india is great country’ ; Now i am checking india here like


if ($test contains ‘india’)

echo ‘pass’;


Now I want to discuss is that a correct way to use if statement which I have used above if ($test contains ‘india’) ?


Please give your opinions thanks!


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if ( strpos( $test,'india' ) !== false ) {
    echo 'true';
For simple text rules you can use strpos (http://php.net/manual/ru/function.strpos.php) function. So your condition checking is going to be like this strpos($test, "india") !== false. For more complicated rules you can use preg_match (http://php.net/manual/ru/function.preg-match.php) function based on regular expressions.
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Tyr this :

$result = (preg_match('/(I|i)ndia/', $test) ? true : false);

echo $result;
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$test = ‘india is great country’;

if (stristr($test, 'india') !== false) echo 'pass';
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Convert the string you are searching in to lowercase, then use strpos or strstr. You can merge the above two steps if you do not want two distinct passes of the string. The docs themselves recommend using strpos/strstr over using a regex as they will be faster.
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stripos does a case insensitive search. Its faster than any other method as it runs within the C code for PHP instead of using the regex parser which is slower.

One thing to always remember, if there is a built-in PHP function that can do a string manipulation for you, always use that before any regex option as it is always faster.

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