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I want to know about interface in and what is the use Or benefits of it with examples.
 Hope you will help me.
Thanks for help!

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An interface in Java is similar to a class, it  include only abstract methods and final fields (constants). A class implements an interface by providing code for each method declared by the interface.

Here’s a basic interface that defines a single method, named Playable, that includes a single method named play:

public interface Playable
    void play();

how to use it:

  • It must specify an implements clause on its class declaration.

  • It must provide an implementation for every method declared by the interface.

example :

public class TicTacToe implements Playable
    // additional fields and methods go here
    public void play()
       // code that plays the game goes here
    // additional fields and methods go here
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Thanks sir for giving such a valuable information.
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actually interface work as a medium.. which intract the user with the hardware or software .!

in java ..as you know JAVA does not support the multiple inheritance .so we use INTERFACE for the multiple inheritance..!


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