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I am trying to get click event in li using jstree please see the code

$('#uu').click(function () {
var ref = $('#tree').jstree(true),
    sel = ref.get_selected();

if (!sel.length) {
    sel = ref.create_node("#", {"id" : node_count+1, "text" : node_count+1});
} else
    sel = sel[0];
    sel = ref.create_node(sel, {"id" : node_count+1, "text" : node_count+1});
/*if (sel) {

Here in alert id of click event is not coming please help me out on this.

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As here your li is coming dynamically, so you should get id like this , I hope this will help you.

$("#tree").on("click", "li > a", function() {
    var id = $(this).closest("li").attr("id");

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