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Best way to Convert a String having Decimal point to Double?

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asked in Programming by monika (2,040 points)
Hello I have a string containing decimal values now I want to remove decimal values and want to make it double.
I am trying this: 
Like String A = "34000.898989";
int a =Integer.parseInt(A); 
String result = String.format
But not working.Please help me out!

1 Answer

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answered by jack (1,440 points)
selected by monika
Best answer

You have parse the string like this,After then you can remove decimals from the string
See this code.

 String A = "34000.898989";

 double bDouble = Double.parseDouble(A);
 int finalA = (int)bDouble;

I hope you got my point.

commented by raman (530 points)
@jack you are right, its the right way to convert a string.
commented by monika (2,040 points)
Thanks @jack i got my answer. :)

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