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How to Impress my boss?

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asked in OTHER by Kanchan Jha
Guys My boss is very serious and moody , sometimes he is like... I can't explain . When I forget to send weekly report, so in next meeting he pulls my leg in front of team although it happens only sometime but atleast he should understand . I want him to take interest in me and in my work so that I can learn new things from him.

Please share how you guys deal with your boss ??? if you have some tricks :P or any good suggestion please share so that I can Impress him in a right way.

 please let me know.
commented by Saima
Have a straightforward chat. A sales guy told me once that no one ever gets up thinking: I am going to ruin my employees day or life today. So, we are all humans and somewhere deep beneath are wonderful human beings, all you have to do is invoke the goodness in the other person and open your heart.
In short, quick chat, we are all adults.

3 Answers

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answered by anonymous
I think you should do your work on time and report him on time so that you can make a good reputation in front of him and in a day or twice a day ask him for work or some good knowledge stuff .

Some times you can give some good compliments for his getup :P or for some good knowledge.  join him for coffee or drinks in office parties or some where.  most of peoples do the same to impress his boss.  ;)
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answered by anonymous

Work smart, don't complain and always bolster your coworkers. Show him that you are a seasoned core member of the team and someone he can confide in and rely on. Have meetings outside of the office (lunch, coffee, etc). When he gives you crap, wing it right back at him with all due respect.


You're not going to be fired, because they would be insane to lose you, right?

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answered by anonymous
Great Question..... All bosses gets impressed of course by the dedication shown by their team mates in work and get it done with in timeline. Just check things which he/she likes and don't do those things in front of him/her which he/she dislikes... check out for topics in which he is interested in discussing and try to put your suggestions for betterment of project as much as u can ..It might help :)

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