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i have a wordoress site and want to add a customize portion on header in  of word-press site.

Can you tell me where and how i need to put my code?

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Go to wordpress folder -->wordpress-3.5.1\themes\alyeska\header.php

Open this header.php and edit it if you want add some link or other content  there would be a div with id ="top"

add your link or content here it will reflect to your header of all pages.



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i dint get your question properly!!!!..plz explain it.
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as far as i understand your question.. you must follow ... this below

go on dashboard->editor->and right side menu choose the header.php file..!!> you can edit .. there!
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if you want to add some new menu.. than->appearance->menu->edit menu and can drag menu option..

if want to add some thing in your header or..want change./.:
->editor and choose the template
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yah i got it thanks man :)
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tell me. if i want to use the different headers in .. different pages. ?

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