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Hi all, I am trying to add additional metadat and for this i am using get_user_meta like this see the code : 

if ( !get_user_meta( $wcm_users[$i], $key, '' ) ) {


add_user_meta( $wcm_users[$i]->ID, $key, '' );




here $get_user_meta is an array, which is coming with several meta and here I am trying to check if that meta is already added so want to skip that product.


Some how facing this error:

Notice: Object of class WP_User could not be converted to int in /.../wp-includes/functions.php on line 2999

When I remove get_user_meta error doesn't come.

Please help me out on the same.

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In WordPress there is a function for update meta data may be that function can help you more if you know WordPress very well use update_user_meta() function
it may help you out as per your problem.

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If you are using get_user_meta() it takes an integer ID, So you should try like this :


  foreach( $metadata as $key => $value ) {


if ( !get_user_meta( $wcm_users[$i]->ID, $key, '' ) ) {


add_user_meta( $wcm_users[$i]->ID, $key, '' );




It may help you.

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