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I have two tables table1 and table2 and i want to merge these table for a column with no duplicates value

Now if I use table1.Merge() I get the rows with both default and actual values for tag abc. I need only the actual values for a particular tag present in 2nd table, if not the default values from 1st table. How do i do this?


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you can use this 

var dt1 = new DataTable();
var prime1 = dt1.Columns.Add("Tag", typeof(string));
dt1.Columns.Add("Value", typeof(string));
dt1.Rows.Add(new object[]{"abc", "default"});
dt1.Rows.Add(new object[]{"xyz", "default"});
dt1.PrimaryKey = new DataColumn[]{ prime1 };

var dt2 = new DataTable();
var prime2 = dt2.Columns.Add("Tag", typeof(string));
dt2.Columns.Add("Value", typeof(string));
dt2.Rows.Add(new object[]{"abc", "12"});
dt2.PrimaryKey = new DataColumn[]{ prime2 };


Result will come with saparate tag and value.

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Nice thanks!

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