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How to open a new tab in background while focusing on old window, I want to open a new tab without changing focus on new tab .

Trying this but not working :

<a onclick="window.open(URL); self.focus();>Click</a>

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You can use this code :

<a href="https://asktofolks.com/" onclick="window.open('#','_blank');window.open(this.href,'_self');">Open a new tab in background</a>

Here when you will click on this link , this will open a new tab with current page and previous tab will open with new link (https://asktofolks.com/)  .


This will help you, in case any query pls let me know.


i have used modal box in current page. with the code as you give, the modal box is not executed in the new tab. why? thanks
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just put a link in href attribute which url you want to open on click .

<a href="
https://google.com/" onclick="window.open(URL); self.focus();"><h1>Click</h1></a>

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