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In Jmeter while running a recorded script an error is coming while selecting Ajax dropdowns " contains unsafe characters, will escape it, message:Illegal character in query at index.".

Please Provide a Solution for this problem

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You just need to encode your special characters such as % , space , @, # in the URL 

For this just go to your recorded script and check encode check box in front of special character values then and run it.

For more information for unsafe characters see And search unsafe in this j meter doc.


I hope you got the point.

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I was facing the same error when I have recorded a script in which I had to select a ajax drop down ,it was fine in recording somehow when I started the script  I found this error mentioned above . then I saw my script on those steps where I had selected hotels from the drop down there were some spacial char so i checked (Encode? ) check box and saved the script and ran again. now it was fine .
it was helpful thanks for it!

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