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I am new in Android and working on username and password field should not visible if user has logged in successfully, so want to know how to set a global variable here, if you have any idea or any example code for login form please share here .
Thanks for help!

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Just extend the android.app.Application class and add member
variables on it like the below example:
public class Android extends Application {
    private String strVariable1;
    public String getstrVariable1() {
return strVariable1;
    public void setstrVariable1(String strVariable1) {
        this.strVariable1 = strVariable1;
Now you have to set variables like this:
// set
((Android) this.getApplication()).setstrVariable1("Test");
// get
String s = ((Android) this.getApplication()).getstrVariable1();
may be it will help you to understand !// Thanks !
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I think Mr. pammu is right, this is the good way to declare global variable.
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Thanks Mr. pammu.

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