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Hello guys I am trying to take backup of my database, For this I locked my table , Some how while taking dump getting this error : 1064 error on syntax .
See the command :
mysqldump -u admin -p password productdb
When I execute the same command in terminal there was a error message ''command not found" , Please suggest me what I am missing.
Thanks For Help!

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As we know mysqldump is used for taking back up of database,  Lets see your command :
 you have executed mysqldump -u admin -p password productdb
 Now Lets see the correct syntax :
 mysqldump -u <user_name> -p<user_password>
 We have found what you are missing here see you have an space between -p and your password while according to  correct syntax their should not be space between them.
 I hope you got my point.
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Thanks sir after removing space between -p and my password I am able to take dump.
Thanks for help.

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