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I have heard about a temporary  tattoo which can unlock any smart phone having android OS, Is that myth or it is a real story.
What do you say? 

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Now in market a tattoo is available by which a smart phone can be unlocked by putting your phone on it.
According to Deepak Chandra Project Lead at ATAP .@GOOGLE , Average users of smart phones unlocks their phone 39 times a day and takes 2.3 sec and more then 50% do not lock their phone.
Motorola and a another company called VivaLnk have started work on a temporary tattoo that can unlock your phone, you just need to slap your phone on the tattoo and magic begins even your phone is locked by pin it works.
This is a small tattoo like mole ,If we talk technically It is  an ultra-thin NFC circuit.
Cost of One pack of 10 Digital Tattoos $9.99 you can buy from vivalnk.com
The Question comes to mind is that : Can we take bath while having this tattoo ? 
Answer is yes, you can use this tattoo while swimming and other exercise and should last for up to five days . 

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