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Hi,Could you please let me know wheather this FlexAPi.swc file supports flex 4.5 sdk?I am trying to automate Flex application using this FlexAPI.swc file and able to complile successfully but not able execute any of the method i.e. DOFlexClick from Flex complied file?I am getting the error saying "Java script error "server didnot provide any stacktrace information"?

I have have done Internet sync setting too but still I am getting that error?

Can anyone please let me on this error.

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Yah it should support for newer versions of flex sdks i.e, flex 3.5, 4.1 and higher versions, make sure you are using latest selenium flex API and can you share your example code in which this error is coming so that I can debug it, mean while you increase can pageLoadTimeout then try once. driver.manage().timeouts().pageLoadTimeout(40000);

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Right now, I am using FlexAPI.swc file of version 0.2.6 and seems to me this is the Updated version of SFAPI file. could you please suggest.

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