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I am automating a module called operation administrator where i am creating the clients of my organisation and after creating the client i am supposed to click on that client that was created during runtime and then i am supposed to perform lot of operations so inorder to click on the client i have to locate the client by generating xpath of the client and there are lot of other web elements that gets created during runtime so i am planning to write a generic method that generates the xpath of elements that ll get created during runtime but i dont know how to do it..can anyone please help me out on this??thanks in advance
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Hi , can you give some examples of your test case , give some html example so that I can suggest you the best solution.

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I think you should see this question : How to Automate a Dynamic page through Selenium Web Driver? 

This is already answered here , this may help you also with your problem statement or give some example of your problem statement , please provide UI html part .

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