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What are the important things to know for Jim Corbett Trip? What is the best route to reach there, coming from Delhi?

How to book a jungle safari under budget and what are the best entry zones for me? I want to see a tiger and enjoy my holidays.

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There are a couple of things which you should know before visiting.

  1. From Delhi, there are a couple of options to reach Jim Corbett. you can come by road, train, flight. if you are coming by your own vehicle, the roads are good.
  2. For Safari booking you can get a pass online from govt. the site and book your safari too.
  3. For entry zone, Dhikala zone is popular to see tigers.
  4. For safari booking and stay prefer govt. guest houses it will be cheaper and inside the jungle.
  5. You can explore Ramnagar city with your friends and family 


If you are looking for more info like charges of Safari, detailed Zone info, detailed info on route and places of Ramnagar, check out this blog Jim Corbett National Park Things to Know.






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