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I'm planning to visit Chopta, Uttarakhand for a family vacation. I have heard about the Tungnath temple but not sure how long is the trek to reach there.

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Chopta is the best place for a family vacation. it's a great choice. The highest Shiva temple Tungnath Trek is approx 4 km which may take approx 2 hours to cover. Since you are with family (kids) consider an extra half an hour.

I suggest to consider climb 1 km more to reach Chandrashilla, it's the peak of the mountain and the trek is easy and worth climbing because you get to see a 360 view of the Himalayas.

Also, there are a couple of tea stalls on the way so no need to worry about anything. I would suggest trying burash juice, it's a red flower of Uttarakhand. it's good for our health.

Have a nice trip and pls don't use plastic, don't throw any garbage on the mountains. Happy journey :)

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